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SPAMALOT! IN TWO HOURS! YAY! Hopefully I can manage to make it through it without giggling a lot and muttering comments loudly enough to disturb the people sitting next to me. Buuut, probably not. Especially since I'm going with the roomie, and she has decided that Patsy = Merlin.


And after that, hopefully I'll be able to finish the Merlin fanfic I'm working on, and my entry for the last challenge of [ profile] armer_gayms.

So I've got three things on my to-do list tonight, and they all involve Arthur. Tonight is awesome.
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I need allergy medication but am fairly drunk and do not think benedryl + alcohol is a good idea. D:
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Okay. Last night? Epic weird dream of epicness. It's actually not the weirdest dream I've ever had, which is kind of sad, but it's out there.

Cut for Epic Length and Weirdness )

See? EPIC AND HUGE and wow, that got really long. It's probably my own fault, since I did watch The Forsaken right before bed, but still. WTF.
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So apparently after staying up all night studying (literally, I haven’t slept yet), and then taking the midterm and now finally being done with class for today, instead of catching a few hours of sleep before I have to start studying for my midterm tomorrow, like a normal, sane person, I get online. Because my brain seems to think that I need to snatch what little online time I can get and make random, senseless posts to Livejournal. For some reason. I don’t even know. It’s not like I post to LJ like, ever, anyway. But then again my brain also seems to think that seeing how far past 24 hours awake I can go will be a brilliant idea, so maybe it’s not the best idea to listen to it.


*listens to it anyway*

In other news! Or somewhat related news! I was just almost hit by a car, because apparently the law of ‘look both ways before you cross the street’ does not apply to the sleep deprived. In my defense, though, the whole group of other people that get off at my bus stop and jaywalk across the street to the same place as me were already walking across the street so I must’ve figured that meant it was safe. Or something.

Also, I have High School Musical songs stuck in my head. I’m not sure whose fault that is, but I’m sure it’s someone’s.


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