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So, after checking the NBC website and discovering they have the Merlin page all pretty looking with some trailers (and a crossword puzzle that I took a break from compiling data to do), I switched over to watch NBC in an attempt to catch a Merlin trailer on TV.

Less than half an hour later, there it was! It's all pretty and shiny and OMG! It's possible I squeed a little too loud, but who cares? Merlin on TV!

And there's the other one! YES! I've now seen both on TV!! Two trailers in about an hour! And during a special on Obama and the White House!
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It's almost 4 o'clock in the morning. Why am I still up playing Utopia Kingdoms?

...and why do people keep picking on my tiny poor kingdom? Ealdor has no money! It has no army! Stop attacking it and stealing what tiny resources it has! And I totally just realized I cursed my little kingdom by naming it Ealdor. Poor thing.

At least Camelot is doing really well. I am so not obsessed. Really.

Research project? Nah, what research project? Why should I finish writing up my report when I can build better farms? Or train more armies!
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Title: Hire a Bloody Mover
Rating: PG-13 ish
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 1, Le Morte d'Arthur more specifically
Summary: If Merlin wasn’t so exhausted, it wouldn’t have happened. Magically rearranging furniture, and Arthur finds out.
Wordcount: 1,816
A/N: Inspired in part by [ profile] feilongfan’s tour of Arthur’s chambers. Unbetaed and written fairly quickly, seeing as this idea just wouldn’t let go (and also wasn’t really what I had planned for my second Merlin fic, but oh, well!). I have no idea if anyone’s done something like this before, so if they have, apologies for being repetitive! (Also, really, I fail at titles.)

Merlin would've like a bit of a break. )
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Eeeee! First Merlin fic! *nervousnervous*

Title: I'm Colorblind, Kid
Rating: R, to be safe
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 1 in general, slightly more specific references to The Labyrinth of Gedref and Le Morte d'Arthur
Summary: "It figures that even as a dog, you’d be a prat." Arthur gets turned into a dog, and is the worst pet Merlin's ever had, despite being completely adorable. Or something like that. There might be some plot, I'm not entirely sure.
Wordcount: ~13,800, in two parts
A/N: Betaed by [ profile] coffeeordeath, any remaining mistakes are all mine! This was meant to be slightly more cracky, and short, but somehow it just kind of evolved and kept going. And got a few bits of emo injected in it. Oops?

You are not cute. )
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SPAMALOT! IN TWO HOURS! YAY! Hopefully I can manage to make it through it without giggling a lot and muttering comments loudly enough to disturb the people sitting next to me. Buuut, probably not. Especially since I'm going with the roomie, and she has decided that Patsy = Merlin.


And after that, hopefully I'll be able to finish the Merlin fanfic I'm working on, and my entry for the last challenge of [ profile] armer_gayms.

So I've got three things on my to-do list tonight, and they all involve Arthur. Tonight is awesome.


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