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RP Stuff

In Games

Sam Wilson


Derek Souza

Nick Burkhardt

Varric Tethras


On Request

Jed Harper
Bedlam «
seehowyoudie «
Hal Yorke
Being Human (UK) «
aredshield «
Brave Police «

Tobias Eaton
Divergent «
fourfreedom «
Good Omens «
misplacedsword «
Prince Greening
Graceling «
seewithoutseeing «

Hansel & Gretel «
gotyourbroom «
Mordin Solus
Mass Effect «
sciencesings «
Steve Cortez
Mass Effect «
flieslikeabrick «

Merlin (BBC) «
savesunicorns «
Prince Tus
Prince of Persia «
trustedhisheart «
Poison Study «
soldierbro «

Transformers «
dignitydamnit «
Steve Jinks
Warehouse 13 «
yourelying «
Were the World Mine«
mynameistimothy «

Erik Lensherr
X-Men 1st Class «
neverlookedbetter «
damnliferuiner «
Megan Gwynn
X-Men Comics «
faithntrustn «
Dani Moonstar
X-Men Comics «
thesedreams «

Bobby Drake
X-Men films «
mister10below «
Kate Bishop
Young Avengers «
not_hawkingbird «
Ryn | Wrath
Original Character «
dontfeartheme «

Doctor Who | Jack Harkness | [personal profile] 51centurydancer
Eli Stone | Eli Stone | [personal profile] aneurysmoment
Galavant | Gareth | [personal profile] aloyaldog
Grimm | Rosalee Calvert | [personal profile] countyourfingers
Grimm | Hap | [personal profile] porkandschnapps
Grimm | Ian Harmon | [personal profile] foxyrebel
Grimm | Marie Kessler | [personal profile] bookishbeheader
Kings | David Shepherd | [personal profile] butterflyed
Mass Effect | Jane Shepard | [personal profile] toestheline
Pacific Rim | Raleigh Becket | [personal profile] letsgofishin
Pacific Rim | Cherno Alpha | [personal profile] runsonvodka
Pacific Rim | Cherno Alhpa (Human AU) | [personal profile] potatopower
Parasol Protectorate | Conall Maccon | [personal profile] lordcrankywolf
Rise of the Guardians | Jack Frost | [personal profile] playagameinstead
Sherlock | John Watson | [personal profile] crack_shot / [personal profile] bamfinajumper
Sherlock | Sherlock Holmes | [personal profile] notpsychopath
Smallville | Lex Luthor | [personal profile] maniacinaporsche
Suite Life | London Tipton | [personal profile] ilovemetoo
Supernatural | Sam Winchester | [personal profile] encyclopediaofweird
Teen Titans | Cyborg | [personal profile] allmycircuits
X-men Evolution | Warren Worthington | [personal profile] lips_of_an
Original Character | Aiden | [personal profile] usedtobeaghost
Original Character | Nik | [personal profile] sexiestsin
Original Character | Dom | [personal profile] egolectrical
Original Character | Alex Manuwai | [personal profile] mooaumakuabro
Original Character | Callan Kelby | [personal profile] takethis

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